How do I download the LogCheck app on an iPad?

{Bobby Beauregard}

If you have attempted to download the LogCheck application from the App Store on your iPad (not an iPhone), your search may not produce any results. The following instructions will provide you with the process for finding the LogCheck app in the App Store.

  • First, launch the App Store from your home screen and search for "LogCheck" in the search bar on the top right hand corner of the App Store.


Your search will reveal no results. This is due to the "iPad only" setting on the top left hand corner of the screen.


  • Next, change the "iPad only" setting to "iPhone only"


  • Once doing so, the LogCheck application should appear allowing you to download the app.



If you are on an iPad that has been updated to iOS 11 + the steps above do not apply to you. If you fall into this category you must use one of the following links to download the LogCheck app onto your iPad:

You must copy on of the links above to the web browser (Safari) on your iPad. You will be prompted to open the page in the "App Store", select "Open" form the popup.  This will bring you to the LogCheck app for you to download.


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