Logbook Roles

{Bobby Beauregard}

A logbook role determines what actions a LogCheck user can perform on a specific logbook.  There are three possible logbook roles:


Record Taker

A logbook record taker can upload records to the logbook from the mobile app.  They have read-only access to logs and locations within the logbook from the mobile app and website.



A logbook editor can do everything a record taker can do.  In addition, they can edit properties on the logbook (e.g. shift schedule, title) as well as the structure within the logbook (i.e. locations and logs).



A logbook admin can do everything an editor can do.  In addition, they can create new LogCheck user accounts, edit existing user accounts, and add users to the logbook.  (Note: An admin cannot edit other admins.) To become a logbook Admin you can request an upgrade from a current Admin user on your logbook, or you can request this change by emailing help@logcheck.com


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