What do the icons next to a log name mean?

Bobby Beauregard

SC_1.pngDue for a New Reading

For example, if a log is set to be checked daily, this indicates that more than a day has passed since the most recent entry.


SC_2.pngPartial Completion

As you start filling out checks within a log book you will gradually see the icon fill up.

SC_3.pngUp to date

This log is not yet due for a check. You are still able to add entries to it, if you wish.

SC_4.pngAs Needed Log

You will only need to check these logs as you deem necessary.  For example, a "Boiler Serviced" log only requires an entry when the boiler is serviced.


This log is now overdue for checks and should be reviewed immediately.



This log does not need to be reviewed at this time.  For example, a seasonal log may be suspended in the summer or winter.


This log depends on another log which is due for a new reading. For example, a boiler stack temperature reading depends on the boiler status. If the boiler is running, the stack temperature will become due; otherwise, it will be suspended.


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