How Do I Cancel Autopay

There are two ways to cancel autopay depending on whether your invoice has already been or not.  


Cancelling autopay from a current invoice that has NOT been paid yet

1. Open the e-invoice that is scheduled to be automatically paid. 

2. Click on the blue button labeled ‘Cancel Autopay’ at the bottom right of the e-invoice below.

Above it will say “Invoice will be paid automatically on XX/XX/XXXX”.  17-3061_cancel_autopay.png

 3. The e-invoice will refresh and you will see a banner at the top of the screen that says Autopay has been cancelled.

17-3061_pay_with.png  Picture14.png

On the bottom of the screen, the e-invoice will automatically update to the default options for payment ‘Pay with Bank Account (ACH)’ and ‘Pay with Credit Card


Cancelling autopay from an invoice that has already been paid

 1. Open the e-invoice that has already been paid.

 2. Click on the blue button labeled “Paid on XX/XX/XXXX” at the bottom right of the invoice. 


3. You will be redirected to the payment receipt page. 

4. Click on the ‘ Cancel Autopay’ button on the bottom left of the receipt.


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